Chemistry Demystified (TAB Demystified)

Author: Linda Williams
Type: eBook
Date Released: 2003
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 291
Isbn10 Code: 0071410112
Isbn13 Code: 9780071410113

* Unlike most books on the topic, this one utilizes a "top down" approach--general concepts are presented first and details follow * For the most user-friendly and clear style possible, formulas and equations are used when necessary, but mathematics does not overwhelm the presentation From the Back Cover YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO UNDERSTAND PHYSICS Now anyone with an interest in the physical sciences can master physics -- without formal training or drowning in a sea of complicated formulas and equations. In Physics Demystified best-selling author Stan Gibilisco offers a fun, effective, and totally painless way to learn the fundamentals and general concepts of physics. With Physics Demystified you master the subject one simple step at a time – at your own speed. Unlike most books on physics, general principles are presented first – and the details follow. In order to make the learning process as clear and simple as possible, heavy-duty math, formulas, and equations are kept to a minimum. This unique self-teaching guide offers questions at the end of each chapter and section to pinpoint weaknesses, and a 100-question final exam to reinforce the entire book. Simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for an advanced student, Physics Demystified is your direct route to learning or brushing up on physics. HERE'S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO:* Understand the math used in physical science* Solve mass/force/acceleration problems* Create mathematical models of physical phenomena* Perform distance vs. time calculations* Determine potential and kinetic energy* Calculate the wavelength of sounds and radio signals* Understand visible light interference patterns* Calculate the energy and frequency of a moving particle* Understand atomic structure* Learn about electric current, voltage, resistance, power, and energy

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